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Corporate Law Consultancy

A "Company" can be defined as a voluntary association of persons who have joined together to carry on some business and sharing the profits, there from. Lord Justice Lindley defined Company as ''an association of many persons, who contribute money or, money's worth to a common stock and employs it in some trade or business and who share the profit and loss, arising there from.''

Company Law or Corporate Law is the law that is concerned with the creation and regulation of companies. A company is a group, here referred to a group of people which are legally treated as a person. The company can own property, sign contracts, sue, and can also be sued in it home.
As corporate law consultancy, our company's services under Company Law are as follows:
  • We guide our clients by providing all information related to domestic and offshore company formation. We help them in how to register with Software Technology Parks of India and also how to obtain approval of SIA, FIPB and RBI.
  • We also do give valuable advice on various matters under the Companies Act, 1956. We show them the benefits of a Company, how they can raise funds and even how to appear before the Company Law Board.
  • Along with the Registration of Company also includes inspection of companies, the creation of charges of companies, and many more. We provide complete tips on these matters.
  • The complex part of Company Law is the liquidation of Companies. As corporate law consultant, we provide full guidance on such matter and also on issues like striking off the name from Registrar of Companies under the Indian Companies Act, 1956.
  • Last but not the least, as corporate law consultant our services are also extended in helping our clients in the application of Director's Identification Number.

MIS Reporting & Bookkeeping

We are an expert in MIS Reporting Services & Bookkeeping Services serving the various industries for the past two decades. Our MIS reporting services and professional bookkeeping services have helped top-notch corporates in book keeping and accountancy. It streamlines their accounting processes, reduces workload and maximizes their resource utilization. MIS is very different from regular information system and is used to analyse the other information systems that are applied in the operational activities of the organization.

We also help our clients in Bookkeeping activities that include recording of all the financial transactions undertaken by the company. It keeps a record of almost everything like, what is bought, sold, owed, and owned; what money comes in, what goes out, and what is left.