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Auditing Services

Statutory Auditing
The basic principal of statutory auditing is to ensure that the financial statements such as the Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss Account and Cash Flow Statement gives true & fair view and are free from any material misstatements. Our approach to Statutory financial auditing services of the financial statements ensures that the accounts prepared are in accordance with the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). We offer statutory auditing services, financial auditing services and tax auditing services.
Internal & Management Audits
The main objective of Internal & Management Audits is that it functions as a service to management by providing independent, management oriented advice on an organisation's operations and performance and financial services. It aims at the promotion of efficiency, economy and effectiveness of the management processes, and also the reliability and accuracy of operations. We provide better internal audits for any company of any industry. The management Audits are done by group of professionals who are experts in the field for years. They are the best.
Tax Audits
A tax audit, also known as tax enquiry, is an examination of one's tax affairs to check whether they have done what they are required to under the tax laws like declared all the assessable income or are entitled to the deductions and tax offsets they have claimed on their tax return. Our taxation advisory team is highly knowledgeable and well conversant with the tax laws of all the countries.
Internal Control Review
We help companies in a healthy review of their current processes. It helps them to improve in areas where they are lacking.
Due-diligence & Investigation
Our investigation department is also highly experienced. They evaluate the management team's characteristics, investment philosophy, and terms and conditions prior to committing capital to the fund.
Bank Audit
We are also an expert in the banking sector. We serve banks, both national and international, with their annual audits, concurrent audits,stock audits and audits of their branches
System Audit
It is also known as Process Audit. It is generally made against a specific document such as operating procedure, work instruction, training manual, etc. Our System Audit allows administrators to review a record of all system activity. It shows the general trends in system usage and also violations of our client's system use policy.
Concurrent Audit
Usually concurrent audit is adopted by big institutions like banks, State Level and Apex Bodies, District Co-operatives Central Banks, Central Stores, Sugar Mills, Spinning Mills etc., having huge volume of business and large daily transactions. Concurrent Audit helps in monitoring compliance in respect of all the internal control guidelines. In addition to it, reconciliation of accounts is done regularly.